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Morning all,

Looking for some help please.

For 60 hours I have a nasty pain just under my breastbone down to navel, bloating, feeling nauseas but not vomiting. 8 years ago I had Gastritis & this is what it feels like but I'm not sure. I'm waiting for a reply from the IBD clinic who know me well but have started 10mg Omeprazol x 2 per day, 500mg Ciprofloxacin x1 per day, 10mg Pepcid x 2 per day. Also Paracetamol for headaches & neck & backaches which have come on suddenly. I had a covid & flu jab 7 days before onset, first time for flu jab. After 30 hours the severe pain eased so I put off the dreaded trip to Emergencies but now there is a dull pain in the same areas, less bloating & no nausea. After eating small bland foods it almost feels like its not passing & is sitting in there. My BMs have decreased & are soft & thin, difficult to push out, normally I have 8 per day now 2 or 3.

I'm thinking of taking a laxative and/or Pepto Bismol. I know there's no substitute for a professional opinion but my local hospital are hopeless, better to travel 200kms to Barcelona where my IBD clinic is & they expect me, hence I wait for a reply. In the meantime I'm a little scared I'm taking the wrong meds.



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Hi Paul, some of your symptoms fit to a partial blockage. It may help to stick to a fluid diet for 2 or 3 days and add a small portion of a laxative as you suggested. For as long as you feel things don't pass and you're getting sick you should't overdo it with fluids, too. You should see a doctor soon, an ultasound scan can reveal such a (partial) blockage.

If you have any other similar episodes,  see your surgical specialist.  Thought I was getting partial blockages but it was not.  A "hole" left behind between the jpouch and abdomen wall caught a loop of intestine and would cause intermittent upper right quadrant pain.    I needed emergency open surgery to correct when it turned into high grade obstruction. 

Thank you all very much. Thankfully I had a moderate BM on Sunday followed by more & the pain has gone but still sore & feeling delicate & weak. Tonight I had a small baked potato without skin, puree carrots & some beans, all well tolerated. I have a headache that Paracetamol just about releives & am drinking plenty of liquids with added Sodium & Potassium. Waiting for the clinic to call.

BTW, the stool softener, Macrogol was a disaster, made me leak uncontrolled that reminded me of the bad old days.

Feeling much brighter though & once again thanks, I would not have known what it was without your input.


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