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I have pain on the left side inside the pouch after BM's.  At first I thought it was pouchitis,but it's different.  Kind of a fullness or pressure feeling.  It goes away in between bm's but keeps coming back.  My pouch 30 years old, and I haven't eaten anything fibrous to cause this. Any ideas? I started flagyl thinking it was pouchitis but no better.

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the questions.  It's been a week today.  I've been on flagyl since last Thursday.  It's a lot better, but yes, the consistency had changed from almost watery stools all the time to a hard to pass consistency.  Not hard by a normal persons stool but harder for me.  It starts when I notice that I have to 'go', pain during the movement then it hurts for a few minutes after, like something is still there, trying to push out.  It goes away for a couple of hours and then the cycle starts again.  Yesterday, and so far today the pain is a bit less and stools are back to watery. I'm hoping this means it's getting better with the flagyl.  It seems I can go off the flagyl for a month or a maybe 6 weeks, then I need it again.  I also take 2 lomotil daily and sometimes an immodium as well. Thanks again for the follow up.

If I’m reading this correctly the degree of pain is pretty closely associated with stool consistency, suggesting (perhaps) that straining may be what’s triggering the pain. Something like an internal hemorrhoid might behave that way, or (less likely) a developing prolapse could do that. Under the circumstances it might be worth backing off the bowel slowers, though you really don’t use them much. Do you take fiber, like Metamucil? Fiber could help manage stool consistency, but I’d start with a smallish dose to test the waters.

Thanks Scott,

Interestingly, Lomotil has become hard to find.  Stool consistency varies and doesn't seem dependent on what I eat.  I have come to the same conclusions as you so will try to pay attention and not let it get worse at this point.  It seems a little better today. And I have tried metamucil in the past but it makes me nervous.  I have so many health issues, I hate for my pouch to give out at this point! Thanks again

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