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Hello, all!  I am a long time jpoucher and am not here very often.  (Good to see Jan is still here and very active.)

I need to take allergy meds and am wondering if I can take Claritin or Allegra as both state that are 24 hour meds which usually means enteric coated.  I noticed that the chewable Claritin tabs also say that they work for 24 hours as well which then makes me question the pills.

Thanks for any help or advice.


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It’s official. I’m an idiot. I’ve had bad allergies all summer and have been taking my usual Allegra 24h with little help. The constant sneezing has me feeling like my uterus and pouch  are going to fall out all at once. I avoid all other time release meds so not sure why I missed this one. What do you all take for antihistamines? Are there any that are immediate release?

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