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I'm on the fence ladies. I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I've looked through discussions here and articles online from reliable sources. The artcles seem to be 50/50. Some say that vaginal delivery is great, no negative outcomes and sphincter function is great (after about 6 weeks after delivery/healing). Others say that incontinence can rise because of vaginal delivery.

I talked to my GI specialist and he recommends that I go natural, which I love because personally, I believe that it's better for the baby. He also said that it would be better because I have lots of scar tissue and I would love to have 3-4 children (I am expecting our first).

I have a family history of easy deliveries (my mom's longest labour was 4 hours). My husband and I are average size/height and we were both 7 1/2 pounds when delivered (and I was a week late). No huge babies seem to be in the future. Smiler

I really don't want to wear a diaper for the rest of my life but I really don't want to create more scar tissue, endure surgery again (and more with my other future babies), and I believe that it is better for baby to have a natural delivery.

What are you thoughts?
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Obviously there is no "right" answer for every woman with a pouch. You seem to be aware that there is an increased risk of incontinence if you decide to have vaginal deliveries. If you think that risk is worth it to have your babies vaginally/naturally than you have your answer. C-sections can be limiting to the number of kids you have and can cause more scar tissue that may cause health issues and blockages down the road. Always do what makes you feel most comfortable, but as most IBD suffers know, it's important to be prepared for that c-section in case it is needed. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I have a perm ileo, so I didn't have the concern of long term continence. When I talked with my high risk OB about this issue, he was fine with me trying a vaginal delivery if that's what I wanted. The only caution he gave me was that if I needed an emergency c-section, he would not be able to take special care of my intestines. His priority would be getting the baby out safely. With a scheduled c-section he felt he could be more thoughtful about how to proceed. In the end I opted for the c-sections since I have a pretty small pelvic area and they felt a baby over 8 lbs would be tough for me to deliver.

I delivered 2 babies by c-section with no issues. Dr didn't run into any scar tissue issues, or anything else. Dr told me I could have 2 more babies if I wanted. But, I was 37 when #2 arrived, had to do IVF to get the two I have so I was good with 2...

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