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This is very old news and listed with the current precautions. Note that the link you posted is an article dated June 2008.

Still, we all need to remember that all drugs have potential side effects, so it is good to refresh from time to time. This is why we don't medications without good reason. The benefits must outweigh the risks.

Jan Smiler
It is indeed extremely old news and this risk has been out there for years. By the ways, I have taken cipro pretty regularly for 18 years and although I work very hard on the treadmill I have never ruptured any tendons and my nerves work pretty good. In fact the only palpable side effects I have had from taking cipro and other antibiotics have been yeast infections and some other skins issues (warts). Yet those things are not warned against, mainly because nobody will sue over a yeast infection.

We live in a very litigious society in which even minimal risks have to be warned against. This somewhat tends to skew things because once the warnings are out there, lawsuits get filed by those seeking to get rich, and the pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies need to cover themselves by redoubling the warnings, and then people end up taking the warnings more seriously than they probably should be taking them based on what the actual facts are.

This of course should not be construed as a criticism because I make my living from litigation, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.
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