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Visbiome and VSL #3 are similar products with a complicated relationship, but they are two distinct products by different manufacturers. I suspect I could get VSL #3 covered under my BlueCross Medicare Advantage plan (because CareFirst BlueCross has a written policy to cover VSL #3 for pouchitis), but I’d have to give up coverage for my excellent gastroenterologist.

@Mrs P posted:

This is interesting Scott F. I have been taking VSL #3 for years and have never thought to see if my Carefirst Ins might pay for it. Originally it was $44.99 now it is up to $64.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules.

I will be asking for an RX for sure!

It can be hard to find a pharmacy that can get the prescription-strength VSL #3 - I get it at Sam’s Club pharmacy (you don’t have to be a member to use the pharmacy). CareFirst doesn’t make it easy to get coverage. I pay in full at the pharmacy and then mail an old fashioned “Major Medical Claim Form” along with the receipt to my contact at CareFirst. It’s likely to be an administrative challenge to get them to provide such a contact, but they have a written medical policy (I could send you a copy) supporting the coverage. Private message me with any questions - I’d be happy to help.

@Janiep posted:

The Double Strength VSL #3 only comes in powder form and must be refrigerated.

All VSL #3 must be refrigerated, including the capsules. The capsules are just the same powder inside gelatin capsules. VSL #3 is good for about two weeks at room temperature, but it might have already spent some time at room temperature before you purchased it.

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