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Hello!  I was wondering if there are any other people who use their hands in addition to their internal muscles for emptying the j-pouch?  I have always had to use a combination of those two methods ever since I got the pouch in 2004, even though my stools are watery and gassy (nothing constipating going on). I think I got in the habit of it because waiting for things to come out "naturally" just didn't happen, or at least not in the time I had to use the bathroom. Teachers don't have time for bodily functions. I never really thought about it being a problem, but now as I get older, I worry I will have a stroke (both my parents did) and not be able to use my hands or move my body the way I want to....and then I'll be uncomfortable all the time and/or I'll explode.  I wonder if there is something else I can train my body to do as a contingency plan.  Or is there a problem with the pouch that some doctor can fix?  Does everyone else just let loose and everything comes comes out at once?  Thanks in advance for sharing!

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Some people bend forward straight or at various angles. Some have described standing to do this, but I’d sure try to get seated working first. One wit called it “bathroom yoga.”

This is mainly for comfort/flexibility, IMO. Loss of use of both of your hands and arms is an unlikely event, and a J-pouch could pretty easily be rinsed out and emptied internally with a catheter by a caregiver as needed.

I have read that about the bathroom yoga.  I have noticed that head/hand/shoulder stands in non-bathroom yoga often work to expel gas when lying on the right side won't work. Also twists seem to help stimulate elimination.  There is an asana called "gas expelling pose" that just about anyone could do.  It's just lying on your back and bringing your knees up and hugging them.  Doesn't work for me, though.  I have to be upside down or prone.  Supine just doesn't let the farts out reliably.

Regardless of what happens in the future, I'd love to hear from anyone who uses this manual technique and/or has graduated from manual to something better.  Or if your doctor has told you anything about using a manual technique, I'd love to hear that, too.   TIA!

I do not know whether it is advisable to do this, which is why I was asking others, but I kind of just push down and in on the pouch against the back of the body, like you'd squeeze a tube of toothpaste, but repeatedly until emptied.  I use that in combination with internal muscles, lightly bearing down, but only when called for, not constantly.  I have to say it again: I don't know if this is recommended.  I do know that it feels better to me to empty the pouch as completely as possible.

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