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Hi everyone! I have had my J pouch since I was 18, I’ve just turned 30. Me and my husband have been trying for a baby for the last 1.5 years without any success. Recently I had an AMH test done and the levels were undetectable- 0.14, I’ve been told that this is extremely low and it could be due to the J pouch surgery affecting blood supply to the ovaries. This has all come as a huge shock to me and has really affected my mental health as the gyno has said the only likely way to conceive would be through IVF with donor eggs. Unfortunately me and my husband can’t use donor eggs due to religious reasons so feel like we have zero options.
Just wondering if anyone has had any success with very low amh and IVF with their own eggs? Also, similar to most people on here, an MRI of the pelvic area has shown lots of adhesions around my uterus and ovaries.

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Hi im 43 and have very low AMH 0.1 for similar reasons. For me its almost too late to bother trying anything because of my age and i got suggested a donor egg too. We decided to adopt.

But the dr did tell me if i wanted to try with my own eggs she would give it a go but it would be challenging to get eggs from me. I opted out of the risk because im old but at 30 you i bet you could do it. Might be tough to get eggs but get a second opinion at another fertility clinic perhaps?

Theres also a procedure called a fallopian tube recanalization that is less common but very inexpensive compared to ivf. If your adhesions are closer to the midline of your body ("proximal") you could be a candidate. It opens up your tubes so you can get pregnant on your own. If your cycle is regular and you know you ovulate, then a low AMH doesnt matter. It only takes one egg after all! Low AMH is often mistaken as a metric of infertility. It doesnt necessarily mean that.

I dont have any guarantees but since you are only 30 you have at least 5 more years, maybe more, of good quality eggs albeit a low amount.

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