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I have a jpouch since Feb 2009.  I recently had an issue after 10 years of using Remicade (pouch/cuffitis bouts) and developed psoriasis so just switched to Stelara.  My doctor then gave me another antibiotic even though I told him I feel about the same now as with the remicade and its not bad!

Well I trust him and he said "what if you can feel better?"  This got me to thinking what is behind this and how long will this last?

Maybe this should be a survey question but How long will a jpouch last and do we even know yet?

From what I found it gets worse as does a normal person when you get older but will it last a lifetime?  20, 20 50 years? 

I hope its as long as I do!

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Your question has been the subject of numerous prior threads on this board, and possibly a poll as well. The short answer to your question is that there is no life expectancy of a J Pouch. There are many people here who have J Pouches that are over 30 years old (myself included) and I believe one person who has had it for 40 plus. They didn't really do J Pouches prior to the 1980s. Some people end up with problem pouches and have to have them removed after a month, and some have lived with them with zero problems for 30 years plus and will die with them. So there is no industry standard life expectancy of a J Pouch. It's variable.

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I’m the one with the j- pouch but my husband has Psoriasis and now he was just diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. He recently just started on Skyrizi…. Another new biologic that targets auto-immune diseases. Skyrizi was intended for Chrohns disease with a lot of success. Maybe if Stelara doesn’t work you could look into this one. My husband has noticed an improvement with his Psoriasis and the arthritis.
Good Luck!

I am an ancestor... literally...I've had my K pouch for almost 44yrs. At the time, my surgeon told me that it could last as long as I is, in fact, my own guts so there is no reason that it should not.

I'm hoping that he is right!

K pouchers have a one-way valve, made of our small bowel, that gets intubated regularly throughout the day, so it is our weak point and it can break down and require a fix...that said, I've already had a few fixes so I am hoping that it lasts at least another 20 yrs or as long as I expect to be around!


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