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It’s a light color green can I mix the miralax for my pouchoscopy end of this month?

I brought glacier cherry the cloudy white version of Gatorade

the office says it’s  still light color and doesn’t color the intestines after consumption

but after I mix miralax in the lime cucumber Gatorade it will get darker cloudy

will this be alright ? I’m avoiding lemon Gatorade zero because it could aggravate or cause a sore bottom

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I have 10 bottles of glacier cloudy cherry white flavor of zero Gatorade 28 oz bottles

ill use along with drinking tea a black coffee or two and chicken broth every hour the day prior

i stocked up certainly on the Gatorade, the nurse for my gi said to put 2 capfuls per an 8 oz cup of whatever I’m drinking every 10-15 mins of miralax

another nurse must think I’m coloned she said mix 32 oz if miralax with 7 capfuls of miralax at 6 pm the evening before the afternoon day of piuchoscopy

I have a 2 pm start time for my scopes and a 1 pm arrival

I will be very hungry on all clears one day prior and no food till after I return from the scopes around 5 pm Thursday the 29th

how am I going to get through this tough time ?



The first nurse the main one of the dr said I should see yellow water with 2 miralax capfuls with just after consuming a couple glassfuls bc there’s no colon and I’m doing clears the 28th one day before pouchoscopy

i really don’t know what approach to use I have the 4.5 oz empty enema bottles ready.

im worried about stool sneaking down from higher up stream wit I don’t do miralax I still want to do an enema 99 mins before arrival/pickup to hospital

Hi Len

My gastroenterologist friends always said to avoid red or purple Gatorade/ juice/ jello or ice pops the days before the procedure.  Other colors - like lemon-lime green Gatorade, are ok (I was never sure about which side of the line Orange Gatorade fell.

Your post got me thinking of my last prep.

My  written prep instructions were to buy one 64 oz or  two 32 oz bottles of Gatorade and one 8.3 oz bottle of miralax.  I couldn't find 32 oz bottles. I don't think they make them any more.   So I got two 28 oz Gatorade and two 4.1 bottles of Miralax. I prep in the hotel so I figured it would be a bit easier to use two smaller Miralax bottles, so I could just add one to each bottle of Gatorade.  I was happy with my math.   But I forgot the Gatorade bottles will overflow 4.1 oz of Miralax powder is all added!  I should have brought a large pitcher.   I made due with empty hotel cups and adjusted the powder additions the best I could.  And the prep turned out just fine anyway.

Yours will, too.

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