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Sorry guys, you might not find this topic so interesting

I'm 46, so I've been having intermittent perimenopause symptoms for a year or so (which is sooooo much fun). When I was sick with UC and even since my surgeries (almost 3 years since takedown), I've definitely noticed a correlation between the approach and start of my period and my general state of health, particularly my gut health. My guts run a little faster than normal, and it really doesn't take much of that before I suddenly find myself in the middle of an episode of dehydration, and all the joys that brings.

I know I'm probably not alone here, but I guess I'd like to know it's not all in my head. It just seems like menstruation is especially stressful on my body (and occasionally on my emotions too). Do you take any supplements that seem to help? Deep breathing? Meditation? It seems like it's silly to keep living with this predictable yet seemingly unstoppable cycle-- for 5-10 more years, or until the peri- simply becomes the -pause.



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I menopaused out at about 45 so it has been a while...but...yes, my period wrought havoc on my body and my pouch...I felt like my guts were going to drop out my bottom, a heavy feeling like there was a 50lb weight in my belly, like someone smacked me in the back with a metal bar...And a liquid pouch.

I was so clueless back one gave me any info and no one had a pouch so I kind of figured things out for myself. 

Heating pads and hot baths helped. So did soaking in a salt bath. 

Hot lemonade did wonders. Or hot tea with lemon did too. Lots of diluted juice (about 5 to 1).

Rolling around on a pilates ball and stretching helped a lot...back rubs and belly rubs and hot stones on my back (now I use rice heating pillows that I heat up in a mic).

I would eat a lot of hot soup in those days too (replenish the electrolytes)...a light diet and comfort food plus warm socks and a good book...

Trial and error...and nothing really ever worked 2 months in a row.



Thanks to all for your responses

Scott, you're right, I do need to pay constant attention to my hydration. It's been very bad lately--no matter how vigilant I am, I seem to lose control of it suddenly, and then it's hard to get back on track. There's only so much water I can drink before I start to feel nauseated!

Jan, I do take Imodium from time to time, particularly at night if my guts are running faster than normal, whether I have my period or not.

Rachel, I hadn't thought about the Pill for calming my guts. I suppose if I had no other option I might consider it, but I spent about 25 years on and off that drug, and at this point I have no desire to artificially affect my endocrine system, beyond what it absolutely necessary (I am hypothyroid, so take medication for that).

Sharon, yes, that weight in my gut is what I feel for sure! Heating pads are my friend, and I have to say I'm loving the seat warmer in my car lately...

Anyway, as usual thanks to this community for your insights. It's always appreciated!


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