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First, a bit of a rant. . .

Been a long time since I've posted here. . .there is no login anymore.  I think I searched for that a good 5 minutes before clicking POST which then asked me to login.  how do I log out?

I can't find the "Search" button to search for a topic before posting. . .has that been removed or where is it now?

And the forum asks if I want to post a topic, survey. . .etc. . .what happened to simple? 

And the topic doesn't tell me what room/forum it's going to post too. . .so I guess I'll see where this post goes. . .

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It has changed a bit. The Search button is a little magnifying glass icon just to the right of the “DONATIONS” button/tab along the top of the window. You posted (a “topic”) in the General Discussion forum, and it seems to generally post in whatever forum you’re currently looking at. I haven’t had to login in a long time, so I’m not sure where that’s hiding.

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