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well I have had my pouch for 23 years now and the last 2 years has been a challenge keeping up these main 2 vitamins . last year spent 3 visits in the first 2 months in the ER for fluids. So how do you keep up these 2 vitamins with a pouch?? im taking supplements now, and thats why my hips have arthritis and my heart skips, with lower back issues

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If fluid runs through you too fast your body won’t have time to absorb enough. The keys are drinking enough absorbable fluid and slowing down the transit. Many folks are lucky enough to get by with just drinking plenty of water. Some need to bump it up a notch by drinking something more like oral rehydration solution with salts and a little sugar (Gatorade will tend to have more sugar than is best, or sometimes no sugar at all). And some folks have to give the gut more time, by slowing it with Imodium or Lomotil and/or bulking up the stool with fiber such as psyllium.

I can’t tell what things you’re already doing, but perhaps the above will give you an idea or two that you can use. Good luck!

Potassium and magnesium are minerals, not vitamins, but that is just semantics. Hopefully you are supplementing based on your doctor’s recommendation. As you already know, potassium is critical for the electrical conduction of your heart, and overdoing it can stop your heart. If you have issues with internal scar tissue, you are better off avoiding high fiber foods and supplements. You should slow your gut with loperamide or lomotil, but only to the point that you absorb your nutrients better. After more than two decades, your innate function is probably as good as it is going to get. Magnesium supplements cause diarrhea, so another reason to slow the gut. But if you slow the gut enough, you should not need supplements for magnesium or potassium. The kidneys do a good job of keeping the levels normal (as long as your kidneys are healthy).


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