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I have had a j pouch for 5 years now with no or little success.  I had to have my colon removed because of ulverative colitis and daily bowel incontinence.  My doctor is goin to do the 14 day trial interstim on me in one week.  So any of you have the same thing wrong as I do and if so did interstim help?  I had retire from teaching after 34 years because of daily bowel incontinence.  I really would love for all the feedback you can give.  I tried just about every medication and pelvic physical therapy there is.  Thanka so much.

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Hi Cozy,

interestingly, I had an interstim implanted priority my ostomy and j pouch journey for fecal incontinence from an unrelated surgery.... I have had it turned off (its operated by a battery ) but am considering trying it again as I have had some urinary incontinence since the j pouch surgery 8 weeks ago.  my doc said it may help.


I will keep you posted.  feel free to let me know if you have questions!


My interstim is bowel incontinence.  It is pretty new around here and can't find anyone who has had both and I am going through the trial Part now and in 7 days I may have the permanent one and just wanted total with someone who has had both and wondered how it has worked for them.  I have researched everywhere I can think of and reached out to this but no results yet.  I would really appreciate it for any suggestions or help I can get.  Also, I am interested in anyone who has bowel incontinence after j pouch surgery.  This is goin on 5!years for me and I am willing to do anything.  I am pretty much restricted to my home because of bowel,incontinence.


Hey I can answer this one! Lol I had UC had my Jpouch in 2000. I had several fistulas and every complication known to man. I've had 20 plus surgeries but after YEARS of incontinence my dr suggested interstim. I had my first device implanted nov/dec 2012. It was life changing! I've read horror stories on another site about pain at implant site and nerve damage but I only had 1 time that was wonky about a year after implant and pain was so bad couldn't walk. I turned it off. Saw my dr. Waited few days turned it back on and no problems. Fast forward a year to last month I noticed I couldn't feel and stimulation. Well I thought my battery died. It should last 3-5 years but since I NEVER turn mine off my Medtronic nurse said mine would run out quicker. Well I met with her last month and she couldn't even get a read in the leads. She'd never sen anything like it. My battery was very low but not completely dead. I had surgery 3 weeks ago today to have old unit removed and a new one put in. My dr and nurse were stumped as my old leads had moved and were no longer against the nerve which is odd after so long because scar tissue grows to help hold in place after so long. I didn't fall or do anything to move them. We still can't figure out what cause the original to move. Wish I could post a picture on here since my nurse text me the pic of new & old lead placement before they removed the old leads. All this being said I have leaked last 2 night to the point of washing sheets and waking up in a mess. Hoping this gets better since only been 3 weeks today and incision still healing and I figure my sacreal nerve is still in shock lol (pun there) every person is different and not everyone has good results with interstim but I have an amazing dr and if giving same choice I'd get the interstim EVERY time. Please feel free to message me. I can give you my phone number if you want to talk. Good luck with whatever you decide. Hugs Sandy

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