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Morning (for me) Everyone.

I was looking for advice please. Basically my j pouch is riddled with inflammation that can’t be controlled with antibiotics so I’ve decided to have a permanent stoma formed…..tomorrow.
However, I have just read my surgeons notes from our conversation and he has mentioned a “de functioning stoma” and from what I can gather this is the loop one.

now, I didn’t mind the loop and I was healthy enough with it but it wasn’t the easiest to live with. Surely though as the stoma is permenant it doesn’t need to be a loop?

my surgeon has said he is leaving the pouch in as the risks with getting back into my pelvis are high so best it stays, is this why? I will talk to my surgeon about it but was wondering if anyone else has had the stoma re formed when the pouch has failed and if this is right?

many thanks


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Hi Rob - I am really sorry to hear that your JPouch failed.  I bet you went through hell with the inflammation of the JPouch.  I pray that you get some relief.  Some surgeons leave the JPouch in because removing it could be tough. I would guess you could have an end ileostomy above it.  Did the surgeon worry at all about the de functioning pouch giving you problems?

Hi Doug. Thanks for the reply. No he didn’t mention any issues with the pouch left in. I had the pouch for 3 years before takedown because of covid and it sat there happily with no issues. I’m fine with the pouch staying in, I would have thought though he could seal it and I’d have an end ileostomy. Like after surgery 1 where the bowel was removed but not the rectum….in my head it’s kinda the same however I am very much not a surgical bowel expert

I would try for an end ileostomy- or at least ask (I think you would get an end).  He would maybe close the JPouch from the top.  As for leaving the pouch in, I think it is a GREAT data point that you had the pouch inside and not hooked up with no problems for 3 years.  I got diversionary Pouchitis after 4 months between surgeries to take it down.  It made me pretty sick.  I bet you will do well.

No loop.

End ileo.

As for the pouch staying in.

I am not educated with that at all. Mine was removed.

One peice of advice and I gave this to my surgeon and she did it. If it's possible with you. Long stoma. I don't mean like long... long. Mines about 3/4 of an inch. Maybe longer. But in my case it has worked out good.

You don't want a short stoma.

That's a discussion to take up with the surgeon.


Morning Jayda!!

yeah doing well thank you. Operation went ok and recovery has been straightforward which is a relief. I did wake up with a loop ileostomy which was a bit frustrating but apparently going back into the male pelvis to fiddle around again sealing the jpouch is very risky. however, not impossible so it’s an option if the loop is troublesome and i choose to take the risk they will do it. Just skin management close to the loop is difficult but much less annoying than feeling like my colitis has returned so definitely the right decision for me!!!

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