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Hi you guys! I’ve had this terrible itching anus for a couple of weeks now. I’ve had my pouch for 2 years now and dont eat differently than what I have been eating for months. But this horrific itch is driving me crazy. It Isnt on the outside, its like 0,5-1 centimeter on the inside of the anal canal. I got a hydrokortison cream from my surgeon but I have used it for 10 days and it has absolutley Mads it better when I used it but I quit yesterday and the itching is back like crazy so it didnt...

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I have the same issue. It makes me jump sometimes, the itch is so intense and it's not like you can scratch your butt at any time - you have to find a washroom. Usually it happens when I've eaten something scratchy like when I used unbleached flour to make pancakes. It's like sand when I digest it. Some vaseline on the finger to get everything out first, followed by a blob of calmoseptine (sp?) or zinc oxide can help for a minute. Also, hemerrhoid cream can be anti itch.

I can't spell today!

@Brellis posted:

I cant say mine is related to food. I have been eating the same as always…

Hemorroid cream can help numb the area a bit yeah but you cant use that for too long…

How long periods of time do you have these issues?

I've had it on and off for about 1.5 yrs. I also have to get a surgical dilation because my pouch outlet (anus) has narrowed significantly after 27 years of having the pouch. Perhaps that has more to do with it than the food itself. The itching can be SO horrible. Right now I've been itch free for about a week. Like I said, it's been on and off....

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