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Hey Scott,

I have a open prescription for Cipro and flagyl! It does not work for me and makes me sick and mentally violent . I take them and lock my bedroom door. I hate it and will not take it. When I was sick, the only medication that “helped” temporary was IV prednisone and I hate what that crap does to me too. I took Immoran for a short period and woke up behind the wheel in a farmers field , my body doesn’t do medication! So really , it’s not easy to manage at all.

@Bandy posted:

Hello All,

Still in hospital.  Inflammation is down but I’m still going 14 -18 times a day.  Pure liquid.  Does anybody have any recommendations for bulking up the poop?  I’m taking immodium, lomotil and fiber tablets while eating a low residue diet.  I’d drink cement at this point if it would help.  
Dr’s are thinking it might now be caused from the antibiotic (bactrum) - which IS making me feel better in my head (not so foggy) and hopes after incomplete antibiotics, it will get better.  

Would love to hear back from you all regarding this hypothesis and if you can suggest a magic “bulking” bullet.  



Hi Brandy.  Have you tried smooth orange metamucil with real sugar?  I love it, turns liquid poop into thick soft tube poop.  Only way i can describe lol.  Take it with less water than it calls for, then it will absorb your food, stomach acid etc.  Ive heard metamucil bars are good too, but i havent tried those yet.  The key is to take it 2 to 3 times a day, and use immodium with it, then you might get some overall relief.  I only take 1 to 3 immodium all day, usually 2, 1 in the morning and 1 at night an hour before bed.  If you take the right amount, you will have less poops, but still go regularly.

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