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Hi all,

I hope this proves useful to someone.

I've read through the most recent posts here related to the iLex back-order or discontinuation, whatever the case may be, and I haven't seen anything conclusive regarding an iLex substitute.  Due to what I know at this point, my goal isn't to find a perfect substitute for iLex but rather the best alternative.

I'm 55yrs old and got my jpouch in 2002.  I've had little trouble since then besides the preference and/or need to use iLex on a mostly daily basis.  I'm not sure whether or not most jpouch surgeries also include stripping the mucosa lining of the rectum, but I know mine did.  And due to this I need relief/protection on both the anus and rectum.  iLex worked perfectly for me.

USED/TESTED (in order of best to worst).  For comparison purposes I give each product an effectiveness % rating, where iLex rates 100% effective on the scale.

Coloplast Critic Care Thick Moisture Barrier Paste:  this is a moderately thick white paste.  Does not become wet or runny.  Though it doesn't completely dry either.  Of the products I tested, this is the best of the bunch and one I would use until ilex becomes available again.  Was 75%-80% effective for me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are several Coloplast Moisture Barrier products out there.  The other one I tried (below) is less effective in comparison to this one.

Dynarex White Petrolatum: this product is similar to the below CerVe Healing Ointment but it is less ‘greasy’.  But it still doesn’t dry.  55% effective.

Calmoseptine Ointment:  I tested this back in 2002 after my takedown, it was around the same time I tried iLex.  I realized that iLex was clearly superior and so went with iLex and never looked back.  Since then I have not used Calmoseptine so unless the formula has changed I do not feel compelled to test it again.  From what I remember, the product was 55%-60% effective when I used it.

Coloplast Critic Care Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment:  this has a thin, runny consistency, though not greasy; I apply then wipe off all excess.  The effective duration is also much shorter than iLex.  I had three tubes of this and threw them in the trash since I know I’m not going to use it.  40%-45% effective.

Lantiseptic Moisture Shield Skin Protectant:  this cream has a very light, thin consistency.  Comparable to the Coloplast Clear Ointment, though I prefer the consistency of Coloplast product better.  I estimate it was 35%-40% effective for me.

CeraVe Healing Ointment: this is like a more waxy form of Vaseline.  I have little use for this product since it leaves a wet greasy residue.  35%-40% effective.

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@ELH posted:

As instructed by Ilex site, I emailed to be notified when Ilex is available to order.

My mail was not returned as undeliverable. Maybe there is still hope?

Last response i got from them was Oct 4th. I have emailed them 5 times since with not 1 response back, most recently about 5 days ago.  We have called both their phone numbers in USA and UK and nobody answers the phones.. They are done.  pissed off, I need to find a product that dries like ILEX but all the ones I have tried are moist and slippery. I have minor leakage sometimes and if i put a wet slippery paste on then i cant tell if I am leaking or not. I still have some Ilex left that will get me thru another month or so.. sucks

Another vote for colopaste thick paste. Not as good as ilex but best replacement

another suggestion, for pouchitis is Bromelein, that’s made from pineapples. Really. A friend suggested it as it’s an anti-inflammatory agent, and it seems to have worked for a while over the last month or two and calming down my pouch and making everything more regular.

RE: Proshield Plus Skin Protect: received this today and tried it once so far.    It reminds me of a much thicker Coloplast Critic Care Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment.  It does not dry.  But it's bordering on tacky so I'm thinking I might use it sometimes.  But even so it's nothing like iLex in effectiveness.  Nothing I've tried so far even touches iLex as far as I'm concerned. 

I found an alternative that is working for me just as well as iLex works.  This is something I discovered through trial & error; Convatec Stomahesive mixed with CeraVe Ointment.  I found that the mix of around 35%-45% Convatec Stomahesive with 55%-65% CeraVe Ointment creates a substance that adheres very nicely to anus & rectum without sticking.  There is very little difference between how this mixture works and how iLex works.

I encourage you to experiment with the % mix of Stomahesive/CeraVe that you use in order to come to a proper mix that works for you.

I recalled when I had my ileostomy for 8 weeks before my takedown that I used a stomahesive product to attach the bag to my skin.  When I thought about it, it occurred to me that Stomahesive is like iLex on steroids (to the point where it's not useable for butt burn, etc).  I figured that if only Stomahesive could be made to be "less sticky" then it might be useable.  Well this has been a Godsend for me.

Good luck and God Bless!

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Yes I mix them together myself.  I purchased both products from but CeraVe seems to be pretty common so you might find it at your local pharmacy if you live in the US.  I live outside the US so I couldn't say.

The mixture adheres just as well (if not a little more) than iLex and creates a moisture barrier, but it doesn't stick your butt cheeks or anus together.  It also dries quickly and leaves no greasy/oily residue at all.  I'm actually still suprised that this mixture works so well. Good luck.

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