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I see there are a couple of mentions of folks taking this for other conditions. I have been on it for almost three months as an experiment to try to treat an auto-immune condition.

After some initial upset with diarrhoea, I thought I was tolerating it, but am now feeling it is possibly affecting my bowel function in various negative ways. Of course, it’s hard to be sure unless I were to stop taking it.

Has anyone else managed to take hydroxychloroquine long term with a j-pouch? Did you get GI side effects?

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Small update: I am managing a bit better, but still would prefer not to have to take this medication. It has helped with joint pain (annoyingly not what I am taking it for). I will need to stick it out for six months to see whether it helps the main problem.

I’ve also been getting some type of reflux, could be from HCQ or my other two medications. All have it listed as a possible side effect. Or it could be my j-pouch problems.

Anyway, I’m soldiering on.

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