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I hear you ytcrockpot.  I have a nutritionist and eat more to manage my j-pouch now that before.   I have other health problems and when someone like me isn't able to exercise much it's a huge battle to keep weight from creeping back on.


Another huge problem for me is my hypothroidism. Since my surgeries it has only been undercontrol for around a year during the last 4 + colonless years.That slows my metabolism as well as my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes with peripheral neuropathy in both of my feet.  A perfect storm for the slowest metabolism around.  

Trade ya some.  I need to gain weight.
I am still 25 pounds down more than a year and a half after surgery!
But I have been skinny all my life. 
I'm my mid fifties (59 now)  I started to gain a bit and got up to 176.
After surgery I went to 129. It was miserable.  I am in the mid 140's and am stuck there. 
It's as hard to gain it for some as it is to lose it for others.
I guess.  I eat all the time.  Sometimes my teeth are sore!
I am not... Not trying to make light of those who want to lose.  Even though I don't have that problem I can relate.  I know it is not easy.  I think all of my poopin keeps me from gaining!

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