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Hi everyone,

For the last few weeks, there have been a few meals that keep not sitting right with my body - the problem is they're very similar to meals that sit very well with my body, and I can't figure out what's going on. If anyone is willing to help me troubleshoot or provide some ideas of what may be going on, please let me know!

Meals that have caused a lot of gas / pain / bloating:

GF pasta with american cheese and chicken

GF pasta with parmesan and chicken

Rice with tzatziki, beef, and falafels (made at home)

Meals that are similar, but sit very well:

GF pasta with bolognese sauce

Brown rice, steak, salsa, avocado, and tortilla chips

Rice, steak, tzatziki, pita (from a restaurant)

Rice, lamb, tzatziki, tahini (from a restaurant)

My body seems to digest red meat better in general, and lettuce and raw veggies are still a big no even almost a year in - it almost always acts like a "plug" and causes extreme pain and bloating.

If y'all have any ideas what the difference between these meals might be that's causing the pain and discomfort, let me know - I am completely lost.

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