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I am due to have my gallbladder removed soon, and I am anxious as i have adhesions in pelvic region and J Pouch. If you had surgery, was it Keyhole or General surgery? Also what was recovery like,  how successful was your surgery? and what are your symptoms now.?  Thanking you all in anticipation and all comments appreciated, as I am anxious about the procedure.

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I had mine removed a few years ago.  Started out as keyhole but ended up general due to too much scar tissue in the way.   The one thing you will probably want to do is see about getting a prescription for Cholestyramine powder (not pills but raw powder).  Mix this with something like aquaphor like 20% powder to 80% aquaphor.  Then put this on your buttocks.   For some reason since the bile excretion is no longer regulated (the job of the gallbladder), the skin on your buttocks can get pretty irritated and the cholestyramine can help neutralize that.  From what my doc said in most patients the colon neutralizes the constant bile stuff but jpouch not as well.  Other than that there were no other symptoms.

Hi Lorraine,

Just saw your post. I had my gallbladder removed last week on the 9th. It was laparoscopic. I had some pretty good sized stones I guess. I think we all have scar tissue to contend with, and I also have a stricture. I'm a bit sore of course, but really am feeling pretty good. Sugar seems to be my only problem. It seems to cause gas, which isn't good. I think if you just don't eat alot at one setting and walk of course, you should be alright. No lifting, only up to ten pounds! That's hard. Lol Anyway, I have no regrets having the surgery and no big adverse effects from it as of yet.  Good luck to you. Hope yours comes out as well as mine has.


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