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Hello everyone!

i’m posting this to ask if anyone has heard or even tried a product called Gelsectan? It’s relatively new so there is a good chance that nobody has.

i suffer from IPS with my predominant symptom being abdominal pain around the pelvic area, it is chronic and i pretty much have had it every day for years, apart from having some respite from Prednisone.

i’m always on the lookout for anything new on the market that targets IBS pain symptoms and have had some good relief from Align but this seems to have stopped working.

I came across this product Gelsectan, it’s main method of action seems to be protecting and strengthening the intesinal barrier, which as we know can be comprimised by several things such as pathogens and even stress.

It seems to have good reviews for IBS D (diarrhoea predominant) and has some small studies backing this up.

I will do some more reading on this, i know this is designed for people with colon’s but sometimes us pouchers can get relief fron these kind of products, it may also help some of us with loose stools.

Here is a link with a bit of literature…


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Sorry for bumping this, but i was wondering if any of the veterans on here (Jan, Scott F, CTBarrister etc) could tell me if they think this product is safe to take for someone with a pouch before i order some?

it’s plant derived and it’s method of action is to coat the intestinal barrier to make it less permeable and hopefully reduce the chance of GI related illness, i’m wondering if it could help prevent pouchitis?

I only understand this stuff on a basic level but i do feel like i’m susceptible to intestinal barrier dysfunction with some of the symtpoms i get.


Although Gelsectan probably hasn’t been tested with J-pouches I don’t see anything that seems worrisome about it. If I were having IPS symptoms I’d be willing to give it a try. I tend to be quite skeptical of leaky gut explanations for symptoms, but if your symptoms are caused (or exacerbated) by mucosal injury then this stuff could theoretically help, and is unlikely to do any lasting harm. Obviously if it makes you feel worse you should stop using it. Here’s another study:

From what I can determine from reports Gelsectan is primarily for treatment of symptoms, particularly diarrhea, due to IBS. Studies are small, but promising. It seems safe for pretty much anyone, unless you have intolerance to any of the ingredients.

In regard to using it for treatment of diarrhea due to having a j-pouch, there is nothing in it that would replace the function of a colon, which is primarily to absorb water. The small intestine will adapt, but this takes time and there is nothing to speed that process.

However, if you have IPS it s reasonable to think this might be useful. Certainly, it would not hurt to try it. Go for it!


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