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I have had constant issues with my jpouch since I have had my takedown. Before my takedown, I was doing great with the bag. Ate what I wanted, gained good weight and felt great.  I developed pouchitis rather quickly (1 year after surgery) but it went undiagnosed for a while. I had a scope down and I had pouchitis and inflammation proximal to the pouch (right about the pouch) as my pouchitis was pretty severe and I think caused backwash because there is no valve to stop that from happening like when you have a colon to the small intestine. I have done multiple rounds of antibiotics and it has helped as I don’t feel the frequency as I once did or urgency/really watery stool.

I still have a problem forming stool and it goes from “okay” formed to logs. I never find a happy medium it seems. I always seem to have at least a tint of yellow to my on the outside and brown toward the center. I never know why this is or if that’s a problem. My frequency increases now when I have too much gas. One day I won’t really have a gas problem and I’ll got 5-6 times no problem with decent formation or good formation.  The next day I get too much gas and my frequency be more because I have a lot of gas trapped. Most bathroom visits don’t result in anything other than gas other than a “wet fart” we will call them.

I take a probiotic and I think it helps? I struggle with citrucel because I never seem to find the right does for myself.

any suggestions or anyone have similar problems please let me know. I am considering going back to my ostomy because I really was the happiest with that. I’m kind of at my end.

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It sounds like you may be overshooting on the dosing. Maybe pick either the Imodium or the Citrucel and gradually adjust the dose by small amounts until you’ve gotten it as good as you can, and then (only if necessary) add one (not two!) Imodium for a while and see how that goes. You’ll get some variation in stool consistency, but it may be best not to worry about that unless it’s causing you a problem.

Have you tried anything for the gas yet, or discussed it with your doctor?

My gas has to be from food I am eating. I stayed away from sugars and didn’t didn’t have any spaghetti sauce and I hardly had any. I may just be more sensitive to things. I have done gas-x which helps. I don’t really get gas pain, I just can feel the pressure slowly working it’s way down and it creates the need to go because I have a hard time expelling it and it drives me nuts.

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