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Hi Everyone,

I am 8 weeks pregnant at the moment and have suddenly started feeling very full. I have been eating a little more than normal. There is a wind feeling right underneath my boobs and I can't put too much pressure on my bottom when sitting either. When I go to the loo its quite painful when I have to press, the pain is at the top of my tummy, also going to the toilet a lot more (although this might be due to eating more?).

I was wondering if anyone else has experience this? Its not an unmanagable pain and I could cope with it if needs be, just want to make sure its normal.

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Hi! I'm 16 weeks and haven't experienced that quite as much. I do notice that I'm going more frequently and getting constipated (I feel like I really have to go, then don't, then get up and wash my hands and really have to go again..everything's still pretty liquidy though (sorry - TMI!).

I have been feeling a bit of pain where my ostomy used to be (I had my surgery in 2 steps) and I'm wondering if it's because the muscle scar is stretching...could that be it for you too?
Hi Mhairi!

I'm 23 weeks right now- about 11 years post J-pouch. I had (mild-ish) nausea and slowing of the bowels in my first trimester. I also have had a feeling when I sit down that feels like it pushes all my organs up (not sure if this is what you're referring to, above). I've been attributing that to uterus growth and haven't been stressing about it. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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