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Hi All,

I am having a consult with Dr.Dietz this week about converting my j pouch to a K. I had an original leak after my j pouch creation that has turned into a nightmare for years. Now have 3 fistulas and have had many fistula repairs. Am so exhausted and in extreme pain, as all fistula repairs did not work. So I’m running out of time to make this decision.  Don’t think a redo j pouch is an option. I NEED to get the surgeon right this time. Anyone have a k pouch recently with Dr.Dietz or have anyone else they think is amazing? Dr.Kiran was a recommendation by someone but haven’t had a great experience with him on another matter.
please reach out, I would really appreciate all feedback. My consult is in 2 days!

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Dr. Dietz created my k in 2015.  I highly recommend him and would definitely see him again if there was a major problem.  I have more experience with doctors than I care to admit, and he is one of the best.  NYC is easier for me to access than Cleveland. Both Drs. Kirin and Shen have scoped me and commented how well-made the pouch is. So there, you’ve got three recommendations in one!

If you have the energy and time, please report back.

If you have the time, definitely go to the museum of rock ‘n’ roll. Peace and good health, Jan.

Wow! Thank you! I too have many experiences with different surgeons. Sadly no one has been great. Alexander Greenstein at Mount Sinai did colon removal and that went well in an emergency… then came Feza Remzi who started the downward slide. He created a surgical leak doing the j pouch and lied that it was healing naturally for 14 months! Eventually went to Shen to clip the leak. Dr.Kiran naturally there did closure. Dr.Kiran has been rough and don’t feel comfortable with him creating a k, so super happy you like Dietz!!!

did you have a failed j pouch ? If so who did that surgery?

I have never used Dr. Dietz, but his colleague, Dr. Jennifer Miller-Ocuin presented at last month’s Quality Life Association conference. I was very impressed with her knowledge and friendly demeanor. There are several people in some Facebook groups I’m in that have used Dr. Dietz and rave about him and his care Team.

The QLA conference had Dr. Jean Ashburn, Dr. Sherif Shawki, Dr. Ravi Kiran, Dr. Jennifer Miller- Ocuin and Dr. Ernest Rehnke (retired) as speakers and all together as a panel. It was very informative. It is comforting to know that they are huge advocates for us internal continent reservoir patients.

Dr. Kiran worked a miracle for me in 2019 when my 37 year old pouch had severe valve issues and a parastomal hernia. My pouch is now 41 years old and it’s working great.

Next year’s QLA conference will be in Cleveland- Dr. Dietz’s hospital is providing the meeting space (this will save the organization a lot of money) and everyone will be staying at the hotel across from University Hospital .

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