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@Mrs P posted:

I eat an egg every morning! Scrambled. Hard boiled. Deviled. Lots of protein and it keeps me feeling full for a few hours at work. Interesting that it gives you problems. What do you eat for breakfast? I’m always looking for options.

Normally I don’t eat breakfast, I find breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks is way too much food for my pouch.
But if I do eat breakfast, it’s oatmeal, quinoa, toast or bagel

I do like a toast  w/peanut butter or a bagel w/cream cheese. They just don’t keep me full enough. Well, maybe the bagel. I do try to watch my weight so I steer away from a lot of “bread”. I have never liked the consistency of oatmeal. I wish I did. I do like bananas, but not every morning. Still looking for other ideas…


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