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Has anybody had any experiences, good or bad, taking creatine? From what I've read creatine is not only a good supplement to take in conjunction with lifting weights and performing other activities, but it also benefits older adults physically as well as cognitively. That being said, I wasn't sure if there were any special concerns with respect to our special J-Pouch plumbing.


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Hi Johnny, I take a heaping scoop of creatine daily for the added benefits of weight lifting. I've been doing this for over 1.5Yrs now and see no apparent side effects. Be mindful that you will have to increase your fluid intake (you should be doing so already as a JPoucher). I drink about 1 gallon/day. I also cycle on and off it, a few months on then take 1 month off. The only annoyance is how much I need to relieve myself.

Hi BK, I was going to take creatine primarily as a supplement for weightlifting as well. But, when I started reading up on it I found that it's actually good for people as they get older as well (I'll be 60 this summer). My main concern was how it would affect me as a J-Poucher. It's good to hear that you haven't had any negative side effects except for the frequent urination. Do you think that it's caused by the creatine or because of how much water you're drinking? Do you cycle on and off because it might affect your kidneys?

Thanks for the response!

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