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"In St. Louis, Washington University’s Alfred Kim said that although the majority of patients with autoimmune conditions who were studied are mounting a healthy antibody response, about 15 percent had very blunted or undetectable antibody responses. The participants in the study had a wide range of illnesses, including inflammatory bowel disease, systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis."

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Very interesting, thank you for posting! I'd be very curious to see long term data. The timing of dosages is also important in relation to certain medications. My brother has Crohn's and gets Remicade infusions every 6 weeks. He needs to get his vaccines at specific times in his Remicade cycle to maximize efficacy.  I also have a friend with a kidney transplant who has been advised that despite receiving 2 doses of the vaccine, her risk level remains higher due to her anti-rejection meds.  Seeing comprehensive data in terms of timing of medications with vaccine dosages and comparing efficacy, would be something I'd be very interested in. It could be that vaccines need to be administered at very specific intervals. I've also been seeing some very preliminary info on the possibility of a 3rd dose. This is all evolving and definitely something to pay close attention to.

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I also get Remicade infusions every 6 weeks for Crohn's and was advised to get my two Pfizer vaccines at least one week before or after Remicade infusion. Other doctors are saying 2 weeks. Due to the lack of data, the precise minimum spacing to maximize efficacy is unknown.

On another note, a friend of one of my neighbors died of Covid after getting both Covid vaccines and plus 2 weeks out. My understanding is that the unfortunate gentleman was north of 85 years old. Kind of sucks to have made it that far, survived without getting Covid for a year with no shot, then he gets the 2 shots and he dies of Covid. At least the family can get reimbursement on the funeral expense from FEMA, although I doubt that is much consolation.

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This is interesting, if not unexpected, news. I am also mindful not to have any vaccinations near my Inflectra infusions. Prior to my Covid vaccines I had had antibody tests done several times, just to see if I had any exposure to Covid. I was having bloodwork done anyway, I had it added to my usual labs.

Now that I am two months out from my second Moderna dose, I considered getting another antibody test, since I get blood tests every two months. However, after some research I found that the routine Covid antibody test is not very telling for knowing your actual immune response. This means that the vaccines will target different proteins than what is represented in a standard Covid antibody test. A negative result does not mean your vaccine is a dud. So, you would need specific antibody tests, in that case.


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