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Hi All,

It’s still early days (2.5 weeks post takedown) but I’ve entered this pattern where I feel constipated (pelvic/rectal heaviness when I wake but no BMs, sometimes until 1-2 PM! I’ll still have some waves of needing to go in the AM but no output unless I really strain (and then only a little). Then in the afternoon/evening/night I’m in the bathroom every 20 min with a ton of urgency and more output. This has happened regardless of what I eat for dinner the night before. Anyone else experiencing this weird pattern? I’d like to be able to evacuate at intervals throughout the day and definitely in the AM as I feel bloated. Ugh. This j pouch sucks right now!

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Pouch2021, I think your function is fairly typical, especially this early. If you are taking a bowel slower, you may want to tinker with the timing on it. If you are taking loperamide (Imodium), you may want to reduce it. It tends to increase the muscle tone of the sphincters, and some people perceive this as a “heaviness” or crampy sensation.

But generally, things should improve with time as your gut acclimates to use of your pouch.


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