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So as many of you know,I've been battling something. I have urgency and a little cramping (though the big pain on my left has basically subsided). I had a little blood (usually a pinkish color, and not during every poop. Usually just 1 a day). The past 2 days, I've had bright red blood, a little more often. Maybe 3 or 4 poops (out of 12ish). I have external hemmoroids that bleed, but never that much blood. I'm starting to get worried. I will be calling my doctor first thing Monday morning. Hopefully I can get an appointment this week (instead of June 22). I NEED to get better, since I'm going to be away for 10 days in Israel starting July 12.

I had basic blood work done on Wednesday and on Friday got a call that everything was fine, except I was anemic (that explains my tiredness). I went on Friday for more blood work to see what the cause of the anemia is.

I'm not on any medication for my pouch right now, except VSL3 DS. I've been taking that daily.
I hate being sick. I'm missing a teacher certification test today because I just can't sit that long. Luckily, I can take it in the fall, though now I have to double up on my tests. On a happy note, for the third year, I am walking tonight at the Take Steps, Be Heard walk for Crohn's and Colitis.

Do you all still think it's cuffitis or pouchitis? I don't know what a fissure is, so I don't know if that's why there is so much blood?

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Bleeding is usually an indication of cuffitis. But the vessals in that area bleed very easily. It might be nothing. If your doctor can't get you in sooner then pull the 'bleeding pouch' card - that might hasten things. And that's certainly not to say that you need to see someone right this minute but it seems that you need to see someone just to ease your fears.

I've had that bleeding thing and it turns out to be nothing. Hopefully that's your diagnosis as well.

I hope you get the fatigue figured out so you can enjoy your trip to Israel.

kathy Big Grin
I had blood with cuffitis like you describe and didn't do anything about it thinking it was normal. By the time of my first year scope I had graduated to having a lot of pure blood every couple of days in the stool. Diagnosis - cuffitis. You are doing the right thing in checking it out and Sue is right, the blood you are seeing is increasing and you are anemic. If it's not cuffitis it could be something else pouch related that is bleeding and you need to know and get better before your trip!

I also had more BM's with it but subsequently found out I had C-Diff too. They both have similar symptoms so that's another thing to think about too, getting a stool sample tested. Although I don't think the C-diff bleeds.

I agree on you about setting for the test, no way could I sit for 3 hours straight. Could you get special circumstances where you are in a different room or somewhere where you can periodically stand for a while? So much of this is unfair, that's life tho.
Thank you Kathy and toughenough for responding.
I will definitely be calling the doctor's office Monday morning. And I will probably play the bleeding pouch card. The faster I take action, the faster I'll be under control and I can focus on other things.

toughenough, I don't know if the test I was going to take has modifications. Plus, I probably wouldn't have thought to apply for them since up until recently I was doing great. I was diagnosed with UC in high school and had a 504 plan, which stated I had time and a half on the regents tests in case I needed the bathroom. I was also in a separate room for the testing. The same accommodations were in place for the SATs/ACTs.

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