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Omg I could use some at advice. I have had a jpouch for 8 years. Doing relatively well other than getting c diff 4 times in the pouch.  When I first got it i was on riifaxan.  The last 2 times I was not on anything. I did just start testosterone therapy injections 3 months ago.  Do you think  that caused it ? I would think not.  I just started Vanco today. Sucks before Christmas !  Does anyone have any ideas ?is there something I'm doing wrong that im not aware of ? Testosterone therapy or anything. It's like every 2 years I get it I will take any opinions. 



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 I  had C diff before my colon was removed. Every time I came off the antibiotics it would come back angry. It was horrible! I had a fecal transplant and it cleared the c diff up and I haven't had any since. It really is a fascinating process to put in "good bacteria" in the form of feces. It could be found as gross, but I wouldn't let it bother you. For me I had a colonoscopy and then they administered the stuff. 

It could be a little tricky to find a doctor who will do it, but it is increasing in popularity (and the success rate is very high!) I had mine done at Mayo Clinic. 

This is a great website for more information and personal stories. It didn't heal my UC, but it did help the c diff and put me into a 6 month remission so I think it is an interesting treatment and vert helpful for c diff.

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