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Hi all,

This is applicable to everyone who have done takedown (I tried this only after a year so I have not experienced this great effect before that. Those who are in the <1 year category please try this carefully in minimum quantity.)

This is mainly about taking two or three medium sized ladies finger raw.


I am not going to explain anything technically but just from my experience point of view. Language may not be perfect too so please ask if you have any questions.

Take 2 to 3 medium sized raw ones after any meal: good thing is after started taking this I could eat as much as I want and still my restroom visits is hardly 1 or 2 visits per meal depending on the quantity. This helps in moving things collectively and hence reducing the number of RR visits. At the same time it completely covers the burning sensation, whatever you eat, which helps in holding for longer time if you are outside. Also it moves the gas too along with the digested food that helps in many ways.

There is a problem in taking this at night or just before going to sleep. While sleeping our control over the muscles closer to the anus goes a bit down in controlling this gel effect and because of that there are some slippages as this veg gives a gel effect to the processed food. So I usually avoid taking it after 8 PM as I go to bed close to 11 to 12 at night. It is advisable not to take more than 4 or 5 as it will make the processed food too jelly.

This also helps to avoid blocks. In general I do not take any major fiber stuff. For example if I want to eat Pineapple I will chew it and will spit the fiber stuff. I don't swallow that. Same applies to everything unless it is a soluble fiber kind of stuff, like peas, fresh corn, South Indian banana (poovan valaipalam), Shimla apple which will not be like Washington apple, ... If I take Washington apple I will spit the fiber. You will be able to identify that when you taste.

South indian banana

Hope this helps and I hope this could help many of you in taking your favorite food without any difficulties and go out as you wish.

MOST IMPORTANT: The below point is not for people who have done takedown in less than 1 year. This pushes the food down superfast and it will be highly highly acidic for those people and the anal canal will not be prepared for that. SO THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. AND OTHERS, DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHT INITIALLY. THIS MIGHT PUT YOU IN DIFFICULT SITUATION IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH EXPERIENCE USING IT!!!!!!

That is, there is one another tip I would like to share here which is from a different point of view. Try this carefully when you are at home for the whole day to make sure it works fine for you and understand better about how this work. For example, assume you need to go out to a place where you will not have the restroom facility for longer time: Taking a glass of gooseberry juice before 2 to 3 hours of leaving out (start with lesser quantity, just 1 or 2, as our system gets used to it and we may have to increase the numbers as years progress). Also I have experience only with Indian variety, Amla.


DON'T BE AFRAID THINKING THAT THIS CAUSES DIARRHEA. That's not that case. It is kind of natural ENEMA. But just make sure you have enough time to clear everything before you go out (may take two to three times of clearing to start with). You will clearly know the difference of how clear your bowel is. MOST IMPORTANTLY TAKE MORE WATER OR JUICE IN LESS QUANTITY DURING THIS TIME TO AVOID DEHYDRATION. IT NEVER HAPPENED TO ME EVEN THOUGHT I DON'T TAKE THAT MUCH WATER. I clear my bowel like this and manage the whole day by taking only juices or pure carbohydrate food in lesser quantity. Whenever I travel I do this. HOPE THIS HELPS BUT PLEASE TRY IN SAFE SITUATION AND GET SOME EXPERIENCE.

Thank you so much for your time. I wanted to write this a long time back but couldn't find the right time. Glad that I could add this here so this helps people. Enjoy your life.



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I have found recently that organic psyllium powder, about a teaspoon (with water, of course) before a meal, helps do the same thing as you describe with the Okra; fewer movements, more time to digest food, reduced or eliminated burning.  It's not metamucil.  It's just psyllium by itself.  No sugar or other weird stuff added.

That makes sense that psyllium and okra would work the same way because they're both soluble fibers.  Plain cooked oats can also be a nice firmer of the stools, but the thing that has been working for me is psyllium.  I'll try to okra sometime.  Sometimes we grow it in the garden.  You're saying chew the raw pods and spit out the rest?

I wish someone had told me about these soluble fibers a long time ago.  Doctors gave me stuff that didn't work at all.  Seems like they would know about these things.  Don't they get trained or something?  Especially GI docs. Weird.

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