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I was 19 in 1991 when I had my colectomy and J pouch surgery.  I'm 51 now and things are good.  We didn't have the internet when I had my surgery, so I'm so glad to be a part of group that understands what I deal with on a daily basis!  I don't know anyone else who has had the surgery I had.  I have had great luck with my J pouch.  I also had 2 kids, for any women wondering how that would go.  I'm excited to learn more and share my experiences.

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Hello Muks,

I have been taking VSL #3 for approximately 6-7 years. Maybe a little longer, not too sure.  I take 1 capsule twice a day. It is expensive. My GI doc often gives me coupons or samples. There is a member on this site, Scott, who has jumped through the hoops to get it paid by his Insurance. I’ve yet to take the time to do that.

All the best to you,

Mrs. P

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