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We are trying right now to have a baby, its been over a year and half Frowner

I just had my second round of laparoscopy today, this time via the DaVinci, which is amazing Smiler

The first time was just last March, we were doing an HSG and after talking with my doctor I figured instead of "waiting" to go in laparascopically (sp?) I might as well get it over with now. Kind of glad I did because low and behold there was a lot of scar tissue in and around my ovaries and uterus, in fact he couldn't locate one of my ovaries as it was hidden under all of the scar tissue and the other was adhered to my colon.

One thing about last time, I choose to eat too soon after the last surgery and I believe I got some blockage Frowner My question is what are some good foods that I could eat today that can help me to avoid the same problem? I know clear liquids the first day but with last time how I felt I think I'm going to take it slow a little bit longer and wait on food. I have asked my doctor and the nurses but none of them really have too much experience in this area and there is not a lot of information out there on what to expect and what you should do.

Also has anyone else been through these surgeries I can't seem to find any posts quite like mine Frowner

Well I am going to get some rest as I am in a little bit of pain, sorry I was so long winded... Happy Friday!
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I had a complete hysterectomy in December. The surgeon tried to do it laparascopically but couldn't because of adhesions so he opened me up along the same scar line as my previous proctocolectomy. Easy surgery for me. Easy recovery but it took awhile for my appetite to return. Was slightly nauseated for days and figured it was a result of the anesthesia or ???? So, I ate very little of whatever I wanted to eat and I ate fairly frequently. In about two weeks, my appetite returned to normal. No effects on my J-pouch whatsoever! Best wishes!

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