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Reply to "RV Fistula output?"

So a little update (I know when searching through old threads its nice to hear how things were resolved.)

I had my post-EUA appointment with my surgeon. He said they couldn't find a fistula, and that they did have a good look. He also said there were no signs of Crohns in the biopsies.

This is obviously good news, but also confusing for me because of my fistula-like symptoms.

As my symptoms have become light-to-non-existent over the last couple of months, the consensus is to leave things be unless symptoms return. In that case, the possibilities would be MRI, gyno consult or another EUA.

I suspect he thinks its a gyno issue and nothing to do with my pouch, and that the gyno issue has resolved/healed itself.

I'm not sold on this as I've been a lady all my life, and know what is and what isn't normal down there. My suspicion is that the fistula was small all along and has resolved itself/gone dormant, with a little help from the antibiotics (for strep throat) I was on a few weeks back. But he says that in his experience, fistula's don't heal themselves, so who knows.

Good news is no fistula repairs, procedures, etc. needed.
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