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Reply to "Advice on pouchoscopy results?"

Thanks Kjeane & Liz,

I too have the joint problems and sweats but have fibromyalgia and other problems. I can't tell what is causing what anymore but am pretty sure it is all autoimmune relates - as far as the doctors can find.

Liz I am so sorry you had to suffer so much and it had to be horrible if CC didn't do a revision.

kjeane you tell it like it is, I am a crab too but I don't have to deal with many people as my children are grown and living out of state. I wish they were closer. My husband is wonderful and fortunately he doesn't bother me too much but he doesn't expect much either. He's retired and consulting part-time so there's a lot less work to do in our family.

The Mayo doctor, that did my pouch scope, said it is a looking pouch until he got down to the cuff. He said it was a good size and if the cuffitis was not there I should only need to have 4-5 BM's daily at the most. I guess I will wait until something approaching that happens before I try to cut down the Canasa and as Liz said, if I have to do it indefinitely I will.

My other pain has to be adhesion and scar pain as they've tested my small intestines so I am going to keep taking pain medication for it until I can figure out how to end it.

I'm not getting around too well with all of my ailments, fatigue, depression, anxiety etc. I've applied for social security disability and it feels like I've given up by doing that. It was time I needed to due to quarters of credits.

Thanks again, it helps so much to discuss this with everyone here.
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