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General Discussion is for clinical questions, observations, tips, etc. about J-Pouch surgery, preparation and aftercare.

Last Post: Sick & Tired of this Sh*t....Literally

For immediate help, advice, information on a surgical or medical problem or issue related to J-pouch, surgery or IBD.

Last Post: Cuffitis maybe ? & traveling not near my drs

Pouchitis Discussion

Last Post: Cipro isn't working anymore for my Chronic Pouchitis

A place to brag, rant, make announcements, complain, get it off your chest, get excited, etc. But Please keep your topics related to IBD or surgery.

Last Post: What Gets my goat

Women's health & Pregnancy with j-pouch or IBD Discussion

Last Post: Any successful stories about pregnancy after laparotomy here?

Men's health. For issues and/or problems relating to men's health regarding j-pouch surgery or IBD.

Last Post: J-Pouch And Prostate Cancer

For our continent ostomy, BCIR and Kock pouch patients and members.

Last Post: K-Pouch Reversal

For members with FAP and related diseases.

Last Post: 1 year after jpouch

A place for meeting and getting to know each other. Please keep clinical questions in the other forums.

Last Post: Support group in s florida?

Ostomy & Skin Discussion

Last Post: Anal skin irritation

Jokes, comments, stories. As always, please keep this forum IBD related. And PLEASE, keep the jokes clean or they will be deleted and the forum closed.

Last Post: A picture is worth 1000 words

For concerned family & friends of j-pouch and IBD patients.

Last Post: Spasm after surgery
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