General Discussion is for clinical questions, observations, tips, etc. about J-Pouch surgery, preparation and aftercare.

Last Post: How do you handle gas pains when you must sit for long periods?

For immediate help, advice, information on a surgical or medical problem or issue related to J-pouch, surgery or IBD.

Last Post: Adhesion surgery for chronic obstructions

Pouchitis Discussion

Last Post: Hydrogen Peroxide Enemas

A place to brag, rant, make announcements, complain, get it off your chest, get excited, etc. But Please keep your topics related to IBD or surgery.

Last Post: Removing my colon wasn't all I was promised

Women's health & Pregnancy with j-pouch or IBD Discussion

Last Post: Losing weight while pregnant/pouchitis

Men's health. For issues and/or problems relating to men's health regarding j-pouch surgery or IBD.

Last Post: Anyone had a prostate biopsy through the jpouch?

For our continent ostomy, BCIR and Kock pouch patients and members.

Last Post: NUVAL continent ileostomy valve

For members with FAP and related diseases.

Last Post: FAP -J Pouch pros cons and experiences

A place for meeting and getting to know each other. Please keep clinical questions in the other forums.

Last Post: Anyone from India

Ostomy & Skin Discussion

Last Post: Finally ditching the j pouch

Jokes, comments, stories. As always, please keep this forum IBD related. And PLEASE, keep the jokes clean or they will be deleted and the forum closed.

Last Post: Cleveland

For concerned family & friends of j-pouch and IBD patients.

Last Post: Adult daughter between steps 2 and 3 having many BMs in addition to filling her stoma bag. Is it OK?
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