Welcome to the first site on the web dedicated to the Ileo-anal anastomosis, or "J-Pouch" operation.
Join us for support and information regarding this procedure. We hope to bring you the most information on the web as you plan for the operation or are dealing with life after suffering with Ulcerative Colitis, Cancer or familial polyposis.

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Discussion Board
A message board to post messages and correspond with other patients .
Chatroom open 24 hours a day.
Illustrated Pouch
3D Illustrations help you to understand how the J-pouch is built.
IBD Links
Internet links to areas of the web dealing with surgery or IBD
What is a J-pouch?
Linda Hurd, RN MSN explains the surgery
Dietary Guidelines
Dietary guidelines developed to get the best results with a j-pouch.
Kegel excersizes
Excersizes to help with control
Questions & Answers
Commonly asked questions about surgery, complications, etc.
Support Groups
Find a support group

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