Takedown was may 31st. I am having awful butt burn. Very very sore and painful going to the bathroom and laying down. Using prep h wipes and ointment and calmoseptine. They aren't taking the pain away and giving me the relief I would like. Anyone try zinc oxide or recommend anything stronger?? I'm desperate. Will even take a pain med in hopes it will take away my butt pain.
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I recommend and use Calmopseptine. Its zinc oxide but it also has calamine and menthol so it's really soothing. You can order it from amazon.com or many Walgreens stores carry it.

Sorry I just realized you said you tried Calmoseptine. Destin extra strength has a high zinc oxide percentage.
I only used desitin after my put-together last october. It is strictly a zinc oxide based cream. It will not relieve your pain so much as protect your skin and thus help prevent butt burn.

The only thing that helped me was to install a bidet. I would follow the spray with a baby wipe and then allow my bum to dry thoroughly (my bidet has a dryer) before applying cream (both inside and outside).

Fortunately butt burn is no longer an issue for me anymore and I no longer require the use of creams. I don't think I can live without my bidet, however!
Hi Cate,

I don't have one either, but basically it is a appliance that fits over your toilet that sprays water. I'll let someone else explain since I've never used one.

I now carry a squirt bottle (peri bottle-same as a woman may have after a vaginal delivery) since I have developed fistulas. I wish I knew about this before since I have not suffered with BB since I started using this in January!

Cate - see if they have Nupercainal at your pharmacy/drug store. It has a numbing ingredient which really helps. It's very soothing going on.

One of our sponsors - B-Sure - also makes a great product called Bottom Balm. It's also very soothing and lasts an incredibly long time.

And if those don't help then you can try the king of skin barrier products - Ilex. It doesn't let anything through. You will need to put a bit of vaseline or other product over the top of it but it's truly at the top of the butt burn/itch heap.

Regarding a bidet - I love mine. It's also from one of our sponsors on this site - COCO Bidet. I miss it when I'm away from home. If you ever go to Japan, nearly everyone and everywhere is equiped with a bidet.

kathy Big Grin

I second Kathy's recommendation for Nupercainal. It's an ointment that has excellent numbing qualities, and you should be able to find it in your local pharmacy. The generic name of the active ingredient is dibucaine.

I also use Calmoseptine, but I find it Calmoseptine works better for me when I use it to prevent butt burn rather than treat it. In other words, if I know I've eaten something which will cause me trouble later on, I'll apply some Calmoseptine, as it helps to "seal off" the area. But as you've read, there are people for whom Calmoseptine is useful in the midst of butt burn. When I have butt burn, I usually stick to Nupercainal to blunt the irritation.

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