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I have a j-pouch not a K-pouch or similar but I was just told to use a marlen catheter because I have trouble emptying my pouch because of structural problems we are working on. I haven't had success getting replies but I am curious how you go about using your catheters since you use them all the time. I just got mine and took it on a test run. It was fine and worked great but I was wondering how you typically clean it and store it and what you use for lubrication. Fingers crossed I never have to use it in a public restroom because I honestly had a hard time containing everything and cleaning up in my home bathroom How on earth do you clean it and keep your hands clean??? I finally figured out a nice protocol for using my Diva cup in public restrooms (the only ones I have access to at work) but this was much messier and challenging to clean and is absolutely a two hand job. 


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After every time I use the catheter, when I wash my hands, I use soap and water on the outside and rinse copiously with water inside. Sometimes I put some soap inside the catheter and then rinse it.

To clean/sanitize the catheter I do one of two methods. This one I do most often I use a (ME6032) Continent Catheter Cleaning Brush and I wrap pipe cleaner around the brush end and then cut off the excess pipe cleaner. Sometimes I put soap on the pipe cleaner. Because the brush is not wide enough to touch the inside of the catheter I have to use the pipe cleaner to clean the sides of the catheter. When finished cleaning, I unwrap the pipe cleaner and throw it away. This only works with the 30 fr catheter. I can't guarantee that It will be useful for smaller catheters. But the brush without the pipe cleaner might work alone depending on the diameter of your catheter.

The second method is vinegar, baking soda and bleach. Because of the bleach I use this one sparingly. But sometimes I just use the vinegar and baking soda. I soak it in the vinegar and baking soda for awhile but without the bleach It just means the catheter is no longer clear white but has a yellow tint to it. Which does not bother me as long as it's clean.  Besides the bleach does not mean the catheter ends up clear white as when new anyway. 

I hope this helps. Good luck and have a grand weekend.

It is simple for me (41yrs experience)...I rinse it with my 60cc syringe or with a squirt bottle of water that I take into the stall with me...My hands do not truly get  any dirtier than anyone else's but I wash with soap and water when I get out. If there is a sink in the handicapped bathroom it makes life easier. Most do not have one here in France...so I always fill up a bottle of water first. 

As for lube, I use a water-based lube from the dollar store or tiny little spray bottles of oil. Coconut oil is fine too.

It is up to you and whatever is easiest for you.

It takes time to develop your own method...but you will if this situation lasts. 

As for clean-up? Disinfectant wipes, TP or both. 


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