I started doing chair yoga twice a week about 4 weeks ago.  There is one pose that is meant to help the digestive system.  It is an upper body twisting motion which is held for a minute. I believe it is this pose that is causing me severe abdominal pain. Has anyone had a similar experience? I don't want to quit yoga, but the pain today was terrible requiring pain meds and a heating pad. I would be curious if anyone else has had this problem.  Thanks in advance!🕉🧘‍♀️

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Yoga is all about what works for YOU.  If there is a particular pose that does not work then either modify it or be still and focus on your breath.  May I suggest that instead of twisting you turn the opposite way and OPEN your pose.  This modification is given to any pregnant folks taking yoga.  Instead of wringing out your insides it promotes blood flow and space.

Namaste, Michelle

A good yoga teachers knows modifications for every single pose. There are many many modifications. Some people can't do this or that due to a knee issue or a back issue, but they can do a modified post. Sometimes props can be used. See if the teacher has an email so you can write ahead of your next class..or show up ten minutes early or stay late and talk to her/him/them!

I have taking chair yoga for 5 yrs now and I do have that same issue.  It is always the twists that hurt my left side mostly.  I do not do complete twist or some of the warriors 1 and 2 down low.  You do have to modify what works best with no pain.  It has been great for me the stretches and relaxation.  Keep it up just don't do what u can't.  My instructor tells us that same thing and should be able to advise u.      

One thing that I would like to ask, sometimes I bleed from the rectum after yoga twists if I over do and also when doing physical activity around the home.  ex:  yard work, cleaning, running the sweeper.  Anyone else have this?  

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