i just came across info on a site by dr. stiecbeker(may not have her name correct)she has clinic for S.I.B.O and small intestines..

on testing the generic xifaxin vs the original found the generic is not as effective because generics often use different properties..could be why i am a complete failure when using xifaxin because i always am given the generic by insurance co..its my understanding that our dr. has to insist on the original for us to get it..

i take two drugs for sinus condition and that dr. made it very clear i had to have the originals which i get..mon going to see my new dr. in l.a ask him if he is familiar with these findings..and her prescription for the original anyway..

i might add this is not always the case as some generics i use are perfectly fine for my conditions i use them for..

jan any thoughts on this?
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Really? Are you sure you were given generic? I ask because generic Rifaximin is not yet available in the US. I can't imagine that if you use regular prescribing pharmacies, they would give you counterfeit stuff. Even the generic available from online Canadian pharmacies are approved in Canada.

Jan Smiler

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