I’m just over three months post takedown and my ostomy wound site finally closed up a couple weeks ago. My surgeon left it open and I had to pack it with gauze until it closed up. I’ve read that some people wounds were partially closed and healed much faster. Mine was about the size of quarter and looked like a bottomless pit (at first). My question is how long it takes before it feels like there is some strength back there. My wound is closed but it still feels weak and I feel like I still need to baby it when I’m excercising etc. I really don’t want to deal with a hernia so I’m fine being patient. I’m just trying to get a realistic idea of how long before it feels like this thing is fully healed?

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As far as the question on vigorous physical exercise goes I would ask your surgeon. I was given specific physical limitations for specific periods of time by my surgeon but it’s been 26 years now and my memory of what they were has faded. I do recall that it was a very long time before it felt and looked fully healed. 3 months may be long enough but this is really a medical question as to what period of time before you can do sit ups or abdominal stretches or crunches or the like. Getting a hernia is probably less a concern than the wound tearing open. 

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My ostomy site was stitched and it healed within 2 weeks post takedown. I still feel a little pull when I am exercising usung my core muscles. That said I am 5 months out from takedown and been working out since past 4 months. I've also begun to train abdomen now. If I push things too hard only then I feel a pinch but nothing more. As far as hernia goes I dont think its an issue unless you're lifting too heavy. As a precaution you can wear workout belt or supporters if need be.

My old stoma site was an open would, no stitching or packing and was covered with a dressing; which was changed daily during the first week, then every other day the next and eventually, the dressing was changed once a week until healed.

 It took about four months to completely heal and my mobility to return to normal.

 I had open surgery to remove my bowel during 2005 and since maybe 2008, I returned to regular exercise and fitness training and also a form of self defence which focuses on intense core strength workouts.

I never experienced any issues and I was also weight training 3x per week.

My J pouch was created during 2014 (also open surgery) and my takedown during January 2015; although I never return to my previous fitness routine etc, I didnt feel recovered enough to resume fitness training until 8 months after my takedown.

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Thanks for the input.  It sounds like I need to be patient.  I love working out and have been chomping at the bit to get back to the gym.  After being out of commsion for the past year with all my surgeries, I’ll be fine to take it easy for another few months if I need to.

All of my mainline suture lines dehysse (pop open) post op...from 7 days to 3 months post op I can pop. 

Then I go through the cleaning/packing/waiting until it closes. But all of that is just skin deep most of the time. It is not the muscle that holds your abdomen together...if it were the muscle then they would suture it closed.

So once the skin is granulated in or closed, it is closed.

Take it easy at first, not because of the fact that it popped open but because you just had major abdominal surgery.

Take it slow, do half of what you would normally do and work your way up.

Stop if there is any major pain.


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