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Hi there, 

It's been 10 years since my first surgery. Ever since I have tried to get back into shape. But every time I start working out, I get obstructions. Have you guys experienced anything like that? And if so, what do you do?

Another question is about omega3 oils. There are companies promotion individual omega3 oils based on a blood sample. I have meet a woman, a masseuse, who claims that it has help to manage her colitis flare ups. Is it bogus? Could you just as well buy the supermarket omega3 oils to half the price and get same benifits? Let me know, what you know about this.

Have a great day

 (lying on the couch with partial obstruction after workout yesterday 😭) 

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J-pouchers definitely have to be careful with exercises. A lot of people in the community get hernias when they overdo it or even do certain exercises. We have to be gentle but active. 

A good way of preventing blockages is by drinking before, during, after every meal. And Chew Chew Chew. Those are my recomendations that are pretty popular. 

Are you doing better after all of this time???

@LoveLife posted:

Hi Lauren, Thank you. Yes, I am doing ok. Living almost normal, though having issuses wirh my back. My doctor calls me 'one of the lucky ones'. I try not to think about the future and keeps my fingers crossed.

How are you doing?

I am soo happy to hear that! I hope your back gets better! I am glad that you are a lucky person, a lot of people are not lucky at all, myself included XD. And you are right about that, I need to do what you do and stop thinking about the future, that can be depressing.

I am doing great, thanks for asking I am going to be celebrating my 28th birthday soon and my 6th year anniversary soon with my J-pouch. My birthday is October 6th and my J-pouch birthday is October 13th. 2 Birthdays to celebrate in one week, that is going to be fun XD.

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