Hey all,

Had my takedown on 10/16 and feel great. How soon before I can start:
-walking fast (treadmill/incline)
-push ups

I think the lifting is 6 weeks but do push ups count in that category?
Thanks so much!
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Don't be in too much of a hurry...it depends how you and your body heal...in other words...Walking, fine. Incline, low.
Lifting? Push-ups? Jogging? Some people are just great but others encounter problems and there is no hard and fast rule either...I was in good shape, worked out constantly and thought that I was Mighty-Mouse...started doing the stair master at 6 weeks. Had my first every hernia within 1 week. Surgery. 8 weeks post op next time, started doing a light work-out. Hernia...happened to me 5xs...so my new rule is, 'this is for the long-run, not the short term...What does it hurt to wait a little longer?'
Take it slow and just play it by ear. If you feel somethings wrong while exercising, just stop. That's how I've played it. Dehydration is the only Jpouch/exercise related injury I've been through so far.
Hey Lou!

Welcome to the board. Smiler What's your history? How long have you had your pouch? Why do you refer to dehydration as an injury? I look forward to getting to know you.

Your body will tell you, very quickly if you are over doing it. Remember, you've been through hell -- be patient.
Thanks so much for the wise words everyone. Yeah I'll take it slow. I don't want to risk another surgery all because I wasn't patient! Light walks for a few more weeks it is.
I waited two weeks before going back to the gym. I began lifting light weights and quickly moved up. I did this after each surgery (3 step J Pouch). Everyone is different, but I didn't have any problems. I wear a compression belt over my lower abdomen to help prevent hernias and I'm lifting some serious weight again 3 months after takedown. I haven't had any hernia problems from weight lifting, but have had a few from sneezing.
Press ups take longer to get into that bicep, chest or shoulder exercises because they work the abdominal muscles, start with those exercises and then try and do a press up and see how it feels, if you feel strain on the scar area wait another week or two then try again.
Stick to walking. The saying "less is more" is even more true right after surgery. Lifting weights and jogging are not going to help with your recovery.
While I would agree to the 'less is more' adage right after surgery, for individuals who had previously been accustomed to more strenuous workouts, I would say go ahead and re introduce it. I have been a marathon runner for many years and was able to take up running again about two months post op. I am slower than I had been but I don't find any negative effect on the pouch. Each to his/her own though. I am not as certain about weight resistant type workouts though.

Just wondering if anybody has increased outout after working out. I seem to have increased ouput the followind day after working out. does that make sense

I think most people have more output (surgery or no surgery) after exercise. It is a good indicator that everything is working well. It's good practice to exercise and keep things moving. If ever I get thickened up a little I double my exercise and it normally settles down again.

I used to exercise regularly weights and cycling before I became ill, I had a 3 stage op and have had a pouch since 2007. I got back into the gym a year after, I started a bit to soon and have hernia in my groin but it's not an issue. I always wanted to run a marathon so I trained myself, it was part of my journey post op dealing with the depression I had. I ran my first marathon in 2011, I have gone on to run many ultra marathon's and quite a few 100 milers. Exercise has been the key ingredient for me and I feel the reason why I have had no problems. It's not been easy it's trail and error and listen to your body. It's been frustrating at times but keep at it. My out generally stays the same after exercise, on a longer endurance event it's one of the things that slow me down. 

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