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Has anyone had great non painful sex, which is followed by hours of what seem to be spasms, frequent pouch emptying and horrible perianal burn (like BB)?  I expected more of a pain or pressure during...but none of that, horrible racking pains about half hour after lasting for hours.  Position change does not help change the 'post sex' aftermath.

It is becoming a big bummer. A big painful bummer....
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Anti spasmodics????

Not sure if he is 'bumping into something' in there but he may be hitting something that sets off a chain reaction.

Sex stimulates the whole region and can have all sorts of different side can get 'honeymoon cystitis' which causes burning down there, leakage and all sorts of other goodies on 'normal' us, with our rerouted biology and things that are pushed and pulled around in there we can get all sorts of post-coiatal side effects.

Is it just this once or is it every time? Is there also pain during sex? Is there one specific spot that hurts more during sex than another (I had stabbing pains on the right side that left me doubled over and breathless (not the good kind of breathless) and had me aching for hours post sex...turned out to be ovarian cysts...another time it was sterile abscesses in the cul-de-sac of Dougas (the peri-sacral zone I think) that had me throbbing for hours (again, not the good kind)...Most unusual pains are symptoms of something or another (not always bad or awful things) get it checked out, please.

(and don't stop having sex!)


Eight weeks is pretty early (Not too early for intimacy, but too early to expect things to be perfect). I would suspect it is just local irritation. Maybe take some extra Imodium an hour or two before (it peaks about 4 hours after you take it). In a few months things should smooth out. In the meantime, just avoid rough stuff.



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Honestly, mentally I was prepared for pain or pressure during...but hadn't read anywhere about after sex pain.  I was ecstatic when there was no pain during then about an hour later... kablammy. It was pain like a week post takedown for hours.  Thought it was a fluke...then again it happened. It is that deep visceral pain where you get nauseous.  It was nothing I would have considered rough, but I remember something Jan wrote way back when about pressure during and thought yippie I am in the clear. I know it's a baby pouch so will just ride the learning process.  Thanks for the input...

Didn't realise that it was a baby pouch! 

Yes, way too early to expect the final are still all swollen inside and lots of things are just finding their places and getting comfy in there...So you may find that with time things settle down a touch...give it time and take it slowly (think Tantric sex???)...even gentle stuff can shake things up a bit.

Enjoy the 'other stuff' for a while if it is too uncomfortable post-coit for now.


(and congratulations for having to courage and enthusiasm for starting so soon!)

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