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Right now I feel like I have partial bowel blockage.  I have been hospitalized for full bowel blockage before so I know what that's like.  The reason I call this "partial" is my stomach didn't feel so great last night but I didn't wind up vomiting or feeling like I was going to die at the same time too, like I did the last time I got blockage, most probably from downing too much Metamucil aka psyllium husk. Right now I don't feel bad but I want to keep away from solid food for a day or two.  I noticed online though that Coke might work well at relieving my blockage  Has anybody here tried it before?  I'd rather use Diet Coke since I don't want any sugar to wind up in my j-pouch which might obstruct it a little. 

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@PouchLogic posted:

I have never heard anything about this but it sounds like a bad idea. I would just drink water and keep it simple. The extra gas from the carbonated coke could make you feel even worse.

You do have a good point when it comes to gas.  At the same time too it sounds like the benefits may outweigh the risks here  at  the same time too.  I can understand how Coke might be able to eat right through what food is stuck in your pouch if it's powerful enough to dissolve rust at the same time too.  Right now I'm drinking Key Lime Sparkling Water which isn't giving me any noticeable problems.  So far my liquid only diet today has been harmless.  I still haven't digested any Diet Coke though.  I really don't like drinking Diet Coke solo, I really like it to be accompanied with food. 

I've also read about using Coke for a blockage but have never tried it. I think I came across it regarding an ostomy blockage, although I'm sure they would be treated the same. Recently I had what I think was a partial blockage which eventually broke through in the middle of the night. I did the usual heating pad, walking, stretching, massaging and added white grape juice (also came across that suggestion when I had an ostomy). It isn't hard to imagine coke working like Drano though!

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