why not Entocort for pouchitis, with cdiff history ?

Interesting information.  I have prior history of C-diff and concerned if I get pouchitis for this very reason.  I am planning to have dental work done soon and my oral surgeon is looking into what antibiotic I can have and not risk a recurrence of C-diff before he will even begin the process.  I also have allergies to a few antibiotics as well.  Will see how it works out.

My doc prescribed me Entocort to treat Pouchitis because I cannot tolerate Flagyl and Cipro doesn't seem to help.

I'm holding back on Entocort because it's just another form of steroid that I wanted to stay away from. I am currently taking Xifaxan but have prescription ready for Entocort as a last resort.

Not exactly. While it is generally considered topical, with long term use there can be enough systemic absorption to become an issue. It is inaccurate to say it only is absorbed in the intestine. What is accurate is that it is poorly absorbed.

Biologics are considered a safer long term option than any steroid.


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