Yes! Timing of eating and quantity is an issue for me. I eat very little during the day when I'm working and restrict my fluids so I'm not running to the restroom or cramping 

once home from work I can eat a sandwich  soup but then it's more trips to the restroom at night. Something like oatmeal as an evening snack helps me. 

110% concur with Bobish on sugar loading in evening.  That bowl of ice cream I am currently contemplating (at 8 PM) would come at the cost of at least 2 extra toilet visits after  bedtime.  I would also add that for me, any spiced foods from the nightshade plant family (think salsa, sriracha sauce, tobasco) get my bowels in an uproar.  It just so happens that I am much more likely to add these condiments at dinner time than earlier in the day.  Perhaps salsa and eggs for breakfast is the answer to better sleep!

Just to illustrate how different we all are, I regularly eat spicy food for my evening meal and have ice cream for desert. I sleep through the night most nights, unless I am awakened by arthritic pain. But, I am 20+ years post op and on a biologic.


This has been posted about frequently, so a search of this site will yield a wealth of ideas. In the meantime:

1) Is your pouchitis being treated? That’s the most important thing.

2) A bowel slower (Imodium or Lomotil) at bedtime can be very helpful, especially if it’s not used during the day.

3) Stop eating a few hours (or more) before bedtime.

4) A very small fatty meal (like a spoonful of peanut butter) at bedtime helps some people a lot.

5) Soluble fiber at dinner time (e.g. psyllium) can thicken things up and for some people reduce leakage and accidents.

6) If you’re using  a sleep aid you might be more likely to miss the signals that your pouch is getting busy.

Good luck!

I agree with Scott too. Don’t just expect diet to heal pouchitis, get some medications that help you fight it, and along with that use the other advice. Also I suggest that you talk to your GI about your pouch being more active at night. Mine prescribed a medicine I take at night with two limotol tablets and now I actually sleep at night. Makes for a much happier household around here😊

Sure I take One 25 mg of Amitriptylin along with 2 Lomotil tablets. The Amitripylin is an old antidepressant medicine, but my doctor prescribed it for its side effect of thickening things up. It really has allowed me to finally get some sleep. During the day I’m on weekly Humira injections, Budesonide and Imuran. 


Hope that helps 😊

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